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      Let’s Discuss Your Needs

      Reliable Asbestos Testing, collection from your home at your convenience

      When you need reliable asbestos testing services, contact the Asbestos Testing Gladstone Team. Our Asbestos Testing Gladstone Team have essential skills and pivotal knowledge to conduct asbestos testing jobs. We have extensive experience in handling asbestos in residential and commercial settings.

      Why do you need to contact Asbestos Watch Gladstone?

      • Your safety is our main priority: Our Asbestos Testing Gladstone Team will perform the work according to the highest safety standards. We are committed to providing clients with the desired results.
      • Our Asbestos Testing Gladstone Team are highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable: We are trained and have vast experience in performing asbestos inspection in residential, commercial and industrial settings. We can handle all scope of projects, big or small. We will do the job safely and efficiently.
      • We provide excellent services at competitive prices : Our Asbestos Testing Gladstone Team know how to deliver the project on time and within the clients’ budget. The total cost will be based on the project’s complexity, the amount of sampling required, and the location of the suspected material.

      If you know that your property contains those life threatening material, don’t panic. Contact asbestos removal Gladstone to save the life of your family. Always be smart and be safe.

      Why Do I Need Asbestos Testing Gladstone  Sampling?

      As asbestos was commonly used as building construction materials from the mid-1949s until the late 1980s, many properties built before the 1990s will most likely contain a high-level of asbestos. Asbestos-containing material (ACM) can most commmonly be found in external wall cladding, roofing sheets, ceiling and fences.

      Here are the reasons why you need to conduct asbestos testing on your property:

      1. Your property may contain friable and non-friable asbestos materials

        Friable asbestos is loose in nature and considered extra dangerous since it can easily release airborne fibres into the air. Usually, you can find friable asbestos beneath floor tiles. Non-friable asbestos is mainly harmless as long as it remains encapsulated and undisturbed. You can find non-friable asbestos in ceiling tiles or corrugated roofs at your premises.

      2. Health hazards

        As a matter of fact, the presence of asbestos will not cause any harm as long as it remains untouched and encapsulated. However, if the material is damaged, it may release airborne fibres. Inhaling the fibres may harm your health as they may cause a progression of aggressive diseases in the future (lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis).

      3. You are going to, or planning a renovation in your property

        Renovation, demolition or removal jobs may disturb asbestos and generate fibres. The Australian Government recommends you to conduct asbestos testing prior to any renovation or demolition especially if your building was built before the 1990s.

      Seeking professional help will be the best choice. Our Asbestos Testing Gladstone Team are always ready to help you to identify and eliminate asbestos from your property as soon as possible.

      Find out more about asbestos by accessing the links below:

      Our asbestos testing processes

      Our Asbestos Testing Gladstone Team will come to your building and perform a thorough inspection. We will discuss with you and find solutions for any problem and develop a plan of attack on the task at hand. The plan will only be executed once you approve it. Our Asbestos Testing Gladstone Team will carry out air monitoring, when needed, prior to any full removal job.

      Depending if your property is dometic or commerical, you can expect some of the following processes:

      • Before collecting the sample, we will assess the area and place plastic sheeting down if nessecary.
      • Wet the suspect material stopping asbestos fibres from being released into the air.
      • Cut the material to obtain a representative sample.
      • Put the sample immediately in a 200-micron plastic bag.
      • Label the bag with a permanent marker. We will write the date when the samples were taken as well as the ID of the sample.
      • After the sample is taken, our Asbestos Testing Gladstone Team will patch the tested area with a plastic sheet, tape or sticky sealant to prevent any contamination.
      • Put all PPE and equipment that might be contaminated by asbestos in a 200-micron plastic bag. We will label the bag as ‘Asbestos Waste’.
      • Testing Samples Via A Nata Accredited Lab and or XRF Laser Spectrometry
      • Dispose of sample waste at the nearest EPA-approved disposal facility that can accept asbestos waste.

      Testing gun for asbestos in Asbestos Watch Gladstone

      All works will be conducted in compliance with the Australian and Queensland regulations. You will receive a written report once the testing is completed, direct to your email inbox. Don’t hesitate! Get your 100% free quote today by contacting our Asbestos Watch Gladstone Team!