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Why Do I Need Asbestos Testing Gladstone Works?

As asbestos was commonly used as building construction materials from the mid-1949s until the late 1980s, many properties built before the 1990s were most likely to contain a high-level of fibre products. Asbestos-containing material (ACM) can be found in the external wall cladding, roofing sheets, ceiling and fences.

asbestos testing Gladstone

Here are the reasons why you need to conduct an asbestos testing Gladstone work in your building:

1. Your home might contain a hazardous friable (class A) and non-friable (Class B) material.

The friable material is loose asbestos, which is considered to be dangerous since it can easily release airborne fibres to the air. Usually, you can find friable fibres beneath floor tiles. The non-Friable material is mainly harmless as long as it remains undisturbed. You can find the non-friable product on the ceiling tiles or corrugated roofs in your house.

2. It may risk your health because of fibre exposures.

As a matter of fact, the presence of ACMs will not cause any harm as long as they remain untouched. However, if the material is damaged, it may release airborne fibres. Inhaling the fibres may harm your health as they will cause a progression of aggressive diseases in the future (lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis).

3. You are going or planning to do a renovation in your property.

Asbestos renovation, demolition or removal jobs may disturb ACMs and generate fibres. The Australian Government recommends you to conduct ACM testing prior to perform any renovation especially if your building was built before the 1990s. It is a common rule to take as an extra precaution.

Seeking professional help will be the best choice. Asbestos Watch Gladstone will connect you with licensed contractors who offer quality asbestos testing Gladstone services. Our endorsed removalists are always ready to help you to identify and eliminate unsafe materials from your property as soon as possible.

Is It Safe to Perform DIY for Fibrous Material Testing?

The handling of ACMs is strictly regulated for many reasons, it can be a dangerous and complicated procedure. As we already know, ACM exposure may risk your health and even your neighbours’ health. The Queensland government recommends you to hire a removalist who has gone through training and certification in doing asbestos removal jobs in the Gladstone area.

If you want to conduct a “Do-It-Yourself” removal work, you need to adhere to protocols and take extra precautions. Nowadays, you can obtain ACM testing kits easily. You can buy all-in-one kit everywhere, even online. However, it is better to calculate or estimate the cost first because the kit itself does not come with an actual examining method.

To get a valid result, you still need to submit the samples to a NATA accredited laboratory to be analysed. You should check beforehand, whether or not that DIY is cheaper compared to hiring a professional. Remember, when you do the collection of samples, you are required to use protective equipment to avoid the exposure to fibrous products.

Still, hiring licensed contractors might be the safest way as they have already had experiences and hold a license. You will also get a trusted report because they will conduct the project in accordance with local and national regulations.

Safety Awareness: Steps to Perform DIY Asbestos Testing Gladstone

Although you can do fibre examination using purchased retailed test kits, it is not recommended, as the kits will not give an accurate result (it is still arguable). You might risk your own health since you may disturb the ACMs while doing the sampling collection process. But, if you want to try home-based ACM testing methods by yourself, you need to purchase these things below:

  1. Plastic sheet
  2. Spray Bottle
  3. Scissors
  4. Plastic bags (approved bags)
  5. Permanent marker
  6. Disposable protective gloves
  7. P2 Face mask

Try not to disturb the surface of the suspected material until you receive the test result. Bonded asbestos materials will not harm you as they have already been coated and painted. However, as time goes by and your property gets older, the chance of bonded ACMs to be damage is higher. If there is a situation or condition where handling such material is unavoidable, try to adhere to the regulations. Always wear and use appropriate personal protective gears.

Here are the steps to do ACM testing safely according to local and national regulations:

  • Step 1: Before collecting the sample, spread out the plastic sheeting below the sampling area. Keep it clean and secured it with a tape.
  • Step 2: Spray water on the sampling area to keep loose fibres from getting released into the air.
  • Step 3: Cut the material to get a sample.
  • Step 4: Put the sample immediately in sealed approved bags.
  • Step 5: Label the bags with a permanent marker. You can write the date when the samples were taken as well as the ID of the sample.
  • Step 6: After the sample is taken, patch the tested area with a plastic sheet or tape it to prevent further contamination.
  • Step 7: Put all PPE and equipment that might be contaminated by fibres and placed them in a sealed bag. Label them as ‘Asbestos Waste’.
  • Step 8: Send the sample to a NATA accredited laboratory to be analysed.
  • Step 9: Call the Gladstone City Council for the nearest disposal facility site that accepts hazardous products.

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High Quality Asbestos Testing Within Your Budget

Trust your asbestos testing project to our endorsed contractors. We selectively choose our endorsed contractors and ensure clients’ satisfaction. Our endorsed contractors have essential skills and pivotal knowledge to conduct ACM testing jobs. They provide various services starting from, removal, testing, roof removal, management plan, emergency repair, air monitoring, demolition, consultant and soil remediation at value prices.

Our trusted and licensed members have extensive experiences in handling ACMs in residential and commercial settings. We are proud of their expertise.

The licensed contractors will come to your building and do a thorough inspection. They will discuss with you and find solutions for your property’s problem and develop a plan to carry out the jobs. The plan will only be executed once you approved it. Our approved assessors will carry out air monitoring, when needed, prior to a removal job. All the presence of ACMs will be recorded in an asbestos register to alert people in the surrounding area.

All works will be conducted in compliance with the Australian and Queensland regulations. You will receive a written report once the project is completed.

Do not hesitate! Get your 100% free quotes today by contacting our endorsed contractors!