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Removing Asbestos Roofs the Right Way

Asbestos Roof Removal Gladstone – Living under asbestos roofs might worry you a lot. Furthermore, it’s almost impossible to identify asbestos-containing material (ACM) in a roof by the naked eyes. To get an accurate result, a thorough inspection is needed. You will need to do ACM testing on the suspected area and bring the sample to an accredited laboratory. Once you get the report and the result is positive, you will need to conduct a roof removal job right away.

asbestos roof removal Gladstone

Although it’s hard to make an accurate identification of fibrous roofs, you can still do these procedures to help you identify your ceiling. Here are the tips:

  1. Determine how old your property is! Fibrous materials are widely used during the 1980s, so if your building was built within that time, it’s most likely that your building contains fibers. Since asbestos products cannot be easily spotted with mere eyes, the best hint is to find out when the roofs were actually built.
  2. Commonly, the ACM was used in a place that needs protection from a fire because of its’ fire resistant qualities. So, it is mostly used around fireplaces, exterior walls and roof.
  3. Generally, fibre roofing will be colored in grey, white or bluish-white.
  4. If you want to do the sampling collection, use the right sampling kits. But, we recommend you to hire licensed contractors, since exposure to fibres may risk your health.
  5. Asbestos can be commonly found in roof sheeting, fence, downpipes, eaves, guttering, insulation and rainwater head products.

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Steps to Remove Your Contaminated Roofs Safely!

A DIY attempt in eliminating your contaminated ceiling might not be a wise option as it may endanger the bonded asbestos (non-friable material) in your roof. Performing the work in accordance with the regulations and safe procedures need to be highly considered. The Queensland authority stated that only a removalist who have gone through training and certification could perform jobs related to ACMs.

Here are the steps that are commonly employed to remove fibrous roofs:

Step 1: Testing process

Before conducting any asbestos removal work, testing must be done first. Take a sample from the suspected area and bring it to a NATA accredited laboratory. Make sure you put the sample in sealed bags to prevent any possibility of fibre exposure. Once the result comes out and it says positive, you may consider to carry out a roof removal job. You can put the information obtained from the test in an asbestos register to alert people about the presence of ACMs in the area. Raising our awareness of the presence of fibrous roofs is important.

Step 2: Replacement and removal procedure

It is recommended to do an encapsulation process first before conducting the removal job. It is to prevent health hazards upon the roof extraction process.

  1. A removalist will coat the damaged roofing material with a special adhesive.
  2. He will later seal the contaminated areas with plastic sheets to keep the area clean and safe.
  3. The removed material and area will be kept wet.
  4. After discarding the ceiling product, he will put it in sealed bags.
  5. All equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that were used during the asbestos roof removal Gladstone process must also be put in sealed bags.
  6. An assessor will carry out a clearance inspection to verify that your property is safe to be reoccupied.

Step 3: Disposal Process of Asbestos Waste

The waste, used equipment, and PPE should also be disposed of appropriately. Visit the Asbestos Safety & Eradication Agency’s disposal database to find the nearest a disposal facility that can accept dangerous waste. The disposal process must be carried out in accordance with the Queensland legislation.

Can I perform asbestos roof removal by Myself?

The removal of the fibrous roof from your property is complex and can be dangerous if conducted wrongly. It is suggested to hire a licensed removalist to do the job. Handling asbestos requires you to adhere to protocols and safety guidelines to minimise the possibility of fibre exposure. It is recommended to hire A-class licensed contractor who offers quality asbestos roof removal Gladstone services.

If you are a homeowner and is planning to remove ACMs yourself, you are actually allowed to remove non-friable materials when the removal area is less than 10 square meters. If the removed area is bigger than 10 square meters, you need to hire an expert. Regardless of the amount of fibres in your building, as for a commercial or business property, the removal work must be done by a licensed contractor.

Note: Only an A-class license removalist can remove friable ACMs.

Gladestone asbestos Roof Removal

How to Choose The Right Contractor to Remove Asbestos Roofs

The Australian government and the Gladstone local council strictly stated that:

  1. The removal of friable fibrous materials should only be conducted by a Class-A licensed worker.
  2. An assessor is needed to carry out air monitoring and check the area after the removal process.
  3. The removal job should be performed by someone who had appropriately trained and held a valid license.

Get in touch with Asbestos Watch Gladstone immediately if you suspect that your roof contains ACMs. We connect clients with Class-A licensed contractors who offer quality asbestos roof removal Gladstone services.

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