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Asbestos Awareness: Detecting Asbestos in your property

Asbestos Removal Gladstone Work: Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) was widely used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Australia between the 1940s until the late 1980s. This hazardous material was used due to its strength, durability, fire resistant and good insulation properties.

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There are two main types of asbestos materials, which are friable and non-friable. Bonded material (non-friable) is commonly used in:

  • fibro sheeting down pipes,
  • corrugated roofing sheets,
  • fence,
  • floor vinyl sheeting,
  • guttering,
  • eaves
  • and hot water system.

The non-friable product is often not dangerous as long as it remains in good shape or undisturbed. However, this product can become dangerous once it’s damaged or deteriorated. Thus, releasing fibers into the air that can become airborne. Airborne fibres are dangerous, and when you are continuously breathing them in, they may trigger the progression of aggressive diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Indeed, raising your awareness towards the dangers of ACMs is a must, especially when you own or live in a building that was built before the 1990s.

If you believe that your building contains asbestos, contact our endorsed contractors right away!

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More about fibrous materials and how they commonly used
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How to get rid of ACMs completely?

It can be said that most buildings in Australia, which were built before the 1990s, may contain fibrous materials. Ideally, the fibrous material should be removed immediately by a removalist who holds a certification or license in handling ACM works. The government highly recommends fo you to hire a licensed removalist to remove fibrous products before the beginning of a renovation or demolition project.

From 31 December 2002, the manufacture and use of fibre products have been totally banned in Australia.

Actually, you are allowed to make a DIY attempt on removing fibre products from your home as long as the maximum area to be removed is 10 square meters and the suspected materials are in a bonded form. Remember, You must adhere to the safety procedure and take appropriate precautions when doing the procedure.

As for friable materials, only a qualified removalist can conduct the work. You CANNOT remove it by yourself as it will against The Work Health and Safety Laws in the Queensland area.


The Safest Way To Deal With Fibrous Materials

Anyone handling fibrous materials needs to adhere to certain protocols and procedures. There are things you ‘must do’ and you ‘can’t do’ when handling this hazardous material. The QLD government prohibit the use of certain tools and work methods as they can generate dangerous airborne fibres into the environment.

These following activities are prohibited in dealing with ACMs:

  1. The use of grinders, circular saws and electrical sanders are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. They can damage the suspected material more and make it releases airborne fibres.
  2. Avoid using a high-pressure water cleaner especially on fibrous cement roofing, fencing, and sheeting products. It may destroy the surface of the materials and generates fibres to the air. It can put your health and your neighbours’ health at risk.
  3. Using a compressed air or abrasive blasting is also not allowed.
  4. Use only special design cleaners to clean the dust or small particles from the area. DO NOT use a household vacuum cleaner (even if it has a HEPA filter) and sweep it.

Homeowners may get fines up to $10.000 if they are using a high-pressure water blaster on ACMs. Also, homeowners must pay for the clean-up cost.

Read: prohibited activities

When you decide to do “Do-It-Yourself” asbestos removal Gladstone, you must:

  1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  2. Wear a P2 disposal mask or a half-face respirator.
  3. Wear disposable coveralls that are suitable for the task.
  4. Wear gloves and cover the boots.

You need to purchase a respiratory  equipment which is specifically designed for working with asbestos and that is comply with the Australian Standard AS1716. Don’t forget, spray your clothes with a light mist of water and removed them and immediately put them in sealed bags. All the waste should be put into an approved bag. Then, have a shower to remove any dust that may be on your body after you finish your work.

DO NOT reuse the clothes after completing the work.

Exceptional Asbestos Removal Gladstone Services at a Great Price

Do you want to get the best and safest ACM elimination job for your house? Trust our endorsed contractors. You will save your time since our endorsed contractors are highly skilled and experienced. They hold a Class-A license and have extensive asbestos experience in residential and commercial settings. Clients’ satisfaction and safety are our contractors’ top priority.

removing asbestos in Gladstone

Our endorsed members provide various ACMN-related services starting from sampling, testing, removal, management plan, emergency repair, air monitoring, demolition, consultant, and soil remediation. You can rest assured since our approved contractors are competent and experienced in doing ACM-related works. They are equipped with modern and standardize equipment, kits and PPE. All works will be conducted in accordance with the safety procedures and national regulations.

Asbestos Watch Gladstone trusted contractors provide complete services for your projects. Our contractors are competent in doing ACM removal, testing, roof removal, management plan, air monitoring, demolition, soil remediation and consultant jobs.

Once you contact our members, they will come to your home and check it thoroughly. All suspected materials found will be recorded in an asbestos register. It aims to alert people about the presence of fibrous products in the building. Further, our endorsed contractors will discuss with you and develop an action plan to keep ypur building safe from the risks of ACMs.

Our licensed assessors will also carry out air monitoring and clearance inspection prior to the removal. The hazardous waste will be disposed of at a legal facility site that accepts asbestos waste. You will receive a written report after the work is done. Once the work is completed, you will receive a written report.

Trust your asbestos removal Gladstone project to our licensed contractors. Do not hesitate, contact our members now and get your free quotes!