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Get an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) for Your Property!

Around one of three buildings built before the 1980s in Australia is estimated to contain a substantial amount of asbestos. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) have been used in over 3000 products including cement sheeting, drainage, fencing, roofing, guttering and floor vinyl sheeting.

Gladestone asbestos Management Plan

If you have a commercial building or workplace, you have a legal duty to manage ACMs on your property. ACMs may risk your and your employees’ health while carrying daily activities. Having a readily accessible management plan and register can alert people around the workspace and reduce the risk of fibre exposure to your employee.

Doing a risk assessment beforehand can help you to produce a sound AMP and asbestos register. The register is a document that lists all identified fibrous materials in a workplace. It must record any presence of fibrous products and where they can be found in the workplace. It also has to record the date and condition of the identified fibrous materials.

The AMP is a written report that gives detailed information on the measures that are being taken towards managing products containing fibers in a building.

The management plan must:

  1. Identifies the location of fibrous products and any naturally-occurring ACM.
  2. Contains a brief explanation about decisions made to manage fibrous products at the workplace and the reason of why those decisions were taken.
  3. Provides information that outline procedures for people who might get exposed to fibers.
  4. Provides information about who is responsible for maintaining and updating the management plan.
  5. The AMP must be reviewed at least every five years or when being requested by a health and safety representative (HSR) or when a fibrous material is removed, disturbed sealed or enclosed.
  6. Provides information, consultation and training responsibilities to workers carrying out works involving fibres at the workplace.

Why Do I Need an AMP for my Business?

Maybe you are wondering why your workplace needs an AMP. Here are the reasons:

1. Most of the buildings in Gladstone have fibrous products.

Fibrous materials can be found in almost every home and commercial buildings constructed before the 1980s. AMCs may also be difficult to be identified with the naked eyes as the materials may have been mixed with other materials to improve their durability and fireproofing.

Here are the types of properties that need an AMP:

  • Commercial buildings such as offices, shops and factories.
  • General public buildings such as libraries, hospitals, schools, council offices.
  • Common area in a shared house.

2. It is a duty for a property manager to take care of the employees

A property manager has the responsibility to take care of each staff, client and tenant to not be exposed to fibers. For example, a wall sheeting might not seem dangerous, but you still need to take precautions. If someone decides to hang a picture on the wall, it is possible to disturb or damage the wall thus generating fibres. Friable materials could be dangerous if the fibres released from the materials are continuously breathed-in. This kind of action can be prevented with a proper control plan that can warn people about the presence of fiber products in the building.

3. Australia has strict regulations surrounding the AMP

The Australian government has strict regulations for managing fibrous products. An AMP is needed for a property that was constructed before 2003. If the owner can’t show the document, the government will do an inspection immediately. A decision will be given regarding which structures are safe to remain in the current state, as well as which structure must be demolished immediately. There are hefty penalties and fines associated with being willfully non-complaint with the current laws and regulations.

4. Preventing the value of your properties to drop

Having an AMP for your commercial buildings is one of many methods that can prevent your property from losing its value. If a building is contaminated by fibres, it means that the building can no longer be rented out or that the current tenants need to vacate for a period.

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Can I Create an AMP Myself?

A business or workplace must have a management plan as proof that the property is safe for the building occupants. According to the Australian Work Health and Safety (WHS), regarding of the amount of fibrous materials in a commercial building, it is a must to hire a professional contractor for handling asbestos-related jobs. This means a DIY action is not permitted.

Hiring a certified contractor is a must to create an Asbestos Management Plan Gladstone.

The AMP is made to ensure that people are not exposed to this hazardous product and advised accordingly about the presence of ACMs in a building. It enables people to avoid fiber exposure by handling ACMs safely and properly. Updating the ACM register is a consistent way to maintain the condition of fibrous materials in good condition. Seek help and advice from a contractor who has a Class-A license to develop a plan for managing asbestos at your premise.

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Choose the right Professional for a Quality Asbestos Management Plan Gladstone!

The Queensland government clearly stated that works related to asbestos should be conducted by a licensed person. Working with ACMs requires knowledge, skills and experience to ensure that the work will be carried out safely.

Asbestos Watch Gladstone will connect you to Class-A licensed experts for all of your asbestos management plan Gladstone needs.

Our endorsed specialists have undertaken training and obtain a QLD safework removal certification. Our approved members are equipped with new and modern equipment to perform the jobs properly. Our Class-A licensed contractors will assist you in developing a strategy plan for the management of ACMs at your premise. Our approved members will help you from the first inquiry to the time that the job is satisfactorily finished.

We take pride in our contractors’ ability to deliver exceptional quality services at competitive prices. Our endorsed contractors provide extensive services starting from asbestos sampling/testing, removal, emergency repair, air monitoring, demolition, consultant to soil remediation. You will not waste your time to find the right contractor for your asbestos needs through us.

Our Class-A licensed members will check your property and discuss it with you to find the perfect solution for your problem. If required, our approved removalists will perform a removal job – safely and efficiently. If any removal job is needed, our endorsed assessors will carry out air monitoring after the asbestos removal process. The hazardous waste will be sealed and put in approved bags before being transported to a disposal facility. The waste will be disposed of properly.

Rest assured that you will get high-quality services at value prices. All works will be conducted in compliance with the national and local laws. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our members today and get your 3 free quotes now!