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Illegal disposal of asbestos can cost you thousands

Illegal dumping of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) has been recognised as a national issue. Such dumping poses health and environmental risks and imposes significant cleanup costs on the states and local government. Improper disposal can occur when ACMs are disposed of at facilities not licensed to accept them, or outside the designated area.

In 2010, the QLD government estimated that there were 20,666 tons of illegal dumped waste in QLD each year.

Gladstone Asbestos Watch - Removal and Testing

In Australia, ACMs were widely used in construction up until the 1990s and manufacturing of fibrous products was only banned in 1983. As a consequence, ACMs persist in many different types of materials and buildings. Because of their heat resistant properties, friable fibrous products were used in buildings for its insulating and flame-retardant properties. It can be found in hot water piping, floor tiling, and carpet underlay.

Homeowners, DIY renovators, and building contractors are the parties responsible for most incidents of illegally dumped fibrous products.

  • The government consider that renovators are responsible for many incidents of illegally dumping of fibrous materials, as the materials have been professionally wrapped
  • The government consider that organized crime is responsible for a small fraction of illegally discarded fibrous materials across Australia

The fines and health risks from illegally dumped fibrous materials are much greater than other illegally dumped products.

Locations where illegal dumping occurs

Local councils in Australia are able to identify hot spots for illegal dumping of fibrous materials in their areas.

Areas where ACMs are illegally dumped:

  • State forests, national parks, and road reserves on the outskirts of urban areas
  • Locations that have been legal dumping areas for fibrous products in the past
  • Skips on building sites
  • Land used as waste transfer stations or unlicensed tips by a single firm
  • Locations without surveillance, and any place where a vehicle can get through without being noticed
  • Unlicensed tips which are not designed to accept toxic waste
  • Vacant lots
  • Roads near schools

Disposal of hazardous waste in Gladstone

The city council can accept up to 10 square meters of hazardous material from homeowners, free of charge, at the Gladstone Transfer Station and also at Benaraby Landfill. You must complete the application form before doing the jobs.  ACM that is more than 10 square meters in size will only be accepted at the Benaraby Landfill.

Legal procedures to dispose of harmful waste:

  1. Complete the application form for disposal of ACM products at Benaraby landfill
  2. Send the completed form via e-mail to or fax the form to 4975 0700
  3. Wait for council approval via an acceptance letter
  4. Dispose of the waste according to the acceptance letter or arrange the process with landfill staffs.

The city council-

To ensure that the disposal process is working accordingly, it is best to contact a pro to conduct the work! Improper dumping process of toxic products may lead you to penalties and fines. Get connected to professional contractors who can take care of your entire disposal needs through us.

The best way to dispose of asbestos waste

If you need disposal or asbestos removal and testing services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our endorsed contractors! Asbestos Watch Gladstone is the home to A-class licensed contractors who offer excellent asbestos removal and testing services – at great prices.

They strive to help you with the disposal process of hazardous waste, whether you are a residential, a commercial, or an industrial property owner! They can help you with problems related to fibrous sheeting, roofing, or even fencing products.

Services provided by our experts as follow:

Our experts are putting quality and safety at the center of all they do. Their team of assessors can manage even the most challenging and complex projects – in accordance with safety regulations. They have years of experience in asbestos removal and testing industry and have delivered excellent results to clients.

Don’t wait another minute! Call our members to get up to 3 free quotes. When it comes to ACM removal, testing, and disposal in Gladstone, it is best to contact a removalist through Asbestos Watch Gladstone!


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

There is no proven method exists to remove the fibers from our lungs once it is inhaled. Some types of asbestos are able to break down in the lungs, but some the types are not. Asbestos fibres tend to lodge in the lungs and increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

Yes. Particularly, if asbestos in your property is friable asbestos. The friable asbestos is more dangerous than the non-friable one. For that reason, only a certified and professional removalist can remove the material.

The cost of asbestos testing will depends on two conditions, the sample origin and the method used to analyze the sample. A comprehensive laboratory analysis with a report will range from $40 to $140. If you are going to use Transmission Electron Microscopy/ Scanning Electron Microscopy analysis, it will be more costly than Polarized Light Microscopy analysis.

No. Asbestos is a hazardous material. It's not safe to get rid of any asbestos material by yourself. Only a certified and professional removalist can handle the fiber material safely.

Yes. According to the Rule 1403 (d)(1)(A), you need to conduct an asbestos survey even though you consider your property does not contain any fiber materials. You need to do the survey prior to demolition to determine and confirm the absence or presence of the asbestos material.

You can find a professional and certified asbestos removal contractor in Asbestos Watch Gladstone. Asbestos Watch Gladstone endorses certified, professional, and reputable asbestos removal contractors and related needs within Gladstone area.

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